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Five extruder 3D printer from ORD Solutions

Five extruder 3D printer from ORD Solutions | COOL 3DPRINTING |

The MH3000 may be the first desktop printer to hit the market that can print five colors into one object.

Dual extrusion printers that can print in two colors or two materials are still considered experimental. Printing with a single extruder/nozzle means that it’s always working; the filament is only not moving through the nozzle for brief moments of non-printing travel, so the filament is set and primed to flow for the entire object. With two nozzles, there will be times when only one of them is actively printing, and when the inactive nozzle is supposed to start printing again there arise priming issues. Most prints begin with some free extrusion and/or unattached skirt loops to get the filament flowing correctly, but doing that mid-print is more difficult. But engineers smarter and more educated than me develop brilliant solutions to these problems and make dual extrusion work.

Because 3D printing is advancing at such a fast pace, those engineers are developing 5 nozzle printers. One of those printers is expected to be in users’ hands before the end of the year, and I’m not referring to the mysterious ProDesk3D. No, the first batch of the five nozzle MH3000 from Canada’s ORD Solutions is scheduled to go out mid-December.

Of course, we know how many Kickstarter campaigns keep to their schedules, though it is worth mentioning that Ord Solutions already produces and sells a 3D printer, so they’ve already got suppliers and manufacturing experience.

The MH3000 beats the Hyrel by one nozzle. By moving the extruders to the frame, there’s more room for the hot ends, and their weight is reduced.

Having five nozzles obviously allows for five color prints, but it also opens the door to multimaterial prints and specialized extrusion types.

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Hope You Trust 3D Printers — Boeing Uses Them To 'Print' Parts For Its Planes

Hope You Trust 3D Printers — Boeing Uses Them To 'Print' Parts For Its Planes | COOL 3DPRINTING |

3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing. And this is only the beginning.

The announcement of 3D printing companies Stratasys and MakerBot merging in a $403 million deal made that all the more clear.

3D printers can produce a wide range of objects like tiny furniture, guitars, prosthetics, and even airplane parts. 

Boeing uses Stratasys's 3D printers to make some components, and is constantly working on more ways to use the technology.

The airline company has even built an entire cabin using one of Stratasys's 3D printers.

As of last year, Boeing has produced more than 20,000 3D-printed parts. Its used those pieces in 10 different types of military and commercial airplanes, like the luxurious Dreamliner.

The Dreamliner has about 30 3D-printed parts.

3D printers help to reduce the time between the design and manufacturing stages. It's also a much more cost-efficient process. 

It has created more than 20,000 airplane components using 3D printers.

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Impression 3D : la start-up MakerBot rachetée 300 millions d’euros par Stratasys

Impression 3D : la start-up MakerBot rachetée 300 millions d’euros par Stratasys | COOL 3DPRINTING |

Cette acquisition s'inscrit dans un mouvement d'accélération de la diffusion des imprimantes 3D auprès du grand public.

Via Sébastien Derhy
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