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Robocular 3D Scanner Aims For User-Friendly Experience - Hot Hardware

Robocular 3D Scanner Aims For User-Friendly Experience - Hot Hardware | COOL 3DPRINTING |

More and more 3D scanners are emerging to complement the many 3D printers on the market, and Robocular is hoping its 3D scanner will appeal to the masses. The company is raising funds on Kickstarter so it can basically just scale up production; the money will go toward acquiring injection molds and bulk quantities of components.

The Robocular 3D Scanner is aiming at that sweet spot in any market that balances high-enough quality with low-enough cost.

It’s designed to let users pop in an object, hit “scan”, and get a full-color 3D model that you can 3D print yourself or share with others with no fuss and no muss.

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Cubik Full Colour 3D Scanner

Cubik Full Colour 3D Scanner | COOL 3DPRINTING |

Chester, a beautiful walled city lying on the River Dee, in the North West of England, was founded in AD79 by the Romans and is loaded with well preserved archaeological and architectural treasures.

More :

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Sense 3D Scanner

Capture your world in 3D and discover the power of physical photography with the Sense 3D scanner. Savor every dimension of your favorite memories: Graduation day. Wedding day. Bringing home baby. Holidays.

Trips around the world. All with your Sense, all in 3D.

For $399, the Sense looks to be the easiest to use 3D scanner. That makes sense as it’s being produced by the largest 3D printing company. It’s specifically made for working with 3D printing, and the scan models can be edited in Cubify software.

There are different modes for different types/sizes of scans, so it knows to look for a small object or a whole person depending on mode selection. And the software automatically seals and solidifies objects so they’re easily sliced for printing.

Objects can be exported as STL or PLY to preserve color, so scans can also be uploaded to Cubify to be printed in full color.

A handheld scanner for $399 will certainly help even more latent makers transition into democratized manufacturing, but 3D Systems is sweetening the deal by offering bundle packages. My favorite is the Cube Sense pack, which includes a Cube, a Neon Green PLA plastic cartridge, your choice of 3 additional cartridges, the Sense 3D scanner, and your choice of Cubify Design or Sculpt 3D software for $1749. That’s nearly $300 in savings and provides a great foundation for getting into digital manufacturing.

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Scanning a VW bus with Artec 3D Scanner

The iconic 70s' Volkswagen microbus, beloved by hippies all over the world, was scanned with Artec Eva. Scanning took one day. Post processing took three days

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3D scanner maker Creaform acquired by AMETEK for $120 million

3D scanner maker Creaform acquired by AMETEK for $120 million | COOL 3DPRINTING |

Creaform, Inc. developer and manufacturer of portable 3D scanner, has been acquired for $120 million by AMETEK, Inc. a publicly traded, global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electro-mechanical devices with annualized sales of $3.6 billion.

Creaform joins AMETEK as part of its Electronic Instruments Group (EIG), which generated sales of $1.9 billion in 2012.

Based near Quebec City, Canada, Creaform, the privately held company has annual sales of approximately $52 million. Creaform’s products include several families of handheld 3D scanners, portable coordinate measuring machines and related accessories that are used in reverse engineering, dimensional inspection, precision manufacturing, non-destructive testing, automated quality control and 3D printing.

“Creaform’s innovative, optically-based product line and excellent customer base will expand our metrology sales into attractive segments closely adjacent to those of our existing Taylor Hobson and Solartron Metrology businesses,” said Frank S. Hermance, AMETEK Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The common stock of AMETEK is a component of the S&P 500 Index.

Creaform has its headquarters and manufacturing operations in Levis, Quebec with over 300 employees. It operates innovation centers in Levis and Grenoble, France, and has direct sales operations in the United States, France, Germany, China, Japan and India.

Creaform launched in May a series of robot-mounted laser 3D scanners for automated inspection on and off the production line. In the first half of 2013, the company has a growth of 41% of its sales over 2012. Creaform expects the launch of the MetraSCAN-R robot-mounted 3D scanner could increase its sales volume during the second half of the year.

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Free SCENECT App Opens up 3D Scanning to a Wider Audience

Free SCENECT App Opens up 3D Scanning to a Wider Audience | COOL 3DPRINTING |

FARO technologies has created an application called SCENECT, that uses the depth sensor in an XBOX Kinect or an Asus’ Xtion PRO LIVE to create 3D models for printing

Via ManufacturingStories
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World Maker Faire 2013: MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner

We meet up with MakerBot Industries at this year's World Maker Faire to finally see the MakerBot Digitizer 3D scanner in person and learn about how it works..

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MakerBot Demonstrates the Digitizer 3D Scanner

MakerBot Demonstrates the Digitizer 3D Scanner | COOL 3DPRINTING |

MakerBot Industries today demonstrated their new 3D scanner, the Digitizer, in a press event at their Brooklyn headquarters.

MakerBot Industries held a press event in their Brooklyn headquarters where they demonstrated their new 3D scanner, the Digitizer. It’s a small turntable powered by a stepper motor, with a pair of lasers scanning an object as it rotates.

t works on Mac/Linux/Win, you don’t need a robust machine to run it, and it exports .STLs, a standard 3D modeling format supported by most 3D printers. That said, MakerBot has made an effort to make it compatible with the MakerBot ecosystem. You can send files to Thingiverse with a couple clicks of your mouse, and MakerBot claims the scanner is “optimized to work with your Replicator.”

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NovaCopy 3D Scanning: Part

NovaCopy recently set up a 3D scanning booth at the TechVille 2013 expo. In this video, NovaCopy's 3D President, Melissa Ragsdale demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to scan a part.

This video gives you an inside look at this intuitive system. Data is acquired and can be visualized in real time. Very short learning curve. No extensive training required.

These scanners are truly portable and lightweight, fits in a suitcase the size of a carry-on. Non contact, non invasive scanning process for minimal trauma and discomfort for the patient.

Totally eye-safe, the systems uses LED projection, which guarantees eye safety for the technician.

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Unboxing NextEngine 3D Scanner HD in the Nerdgasm Man Cave - Refurbished by ShapeTools

The NextEngine 3D Scanner captures objects in full color with multi-laser precision.

Breakthrough technology has made it the World's most popular 3D Scanner, with thousands of users in over 80 countries.

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3D scan could unveil oarfish secrets - OCRegister (subscription)

3D scan could unveil oarfish secrets - OCRegister (subscription) | COOL 3DPRINTING |

Equipped with the latest technology at UCLA’s Translational Research Imaging Center, marine biologist Misty Paig-Tran is optimistic that she will be able to re-create a working 3D model of the 14-foot-long oarfish that washed up along Oceanside’s beach in October.

It’s going to give us a great idea about the internal anatomy of this mysterious fish,” said Paig-Tran, who has been working at Cal State Fullerton to get a better understanding of the deep-water fish.

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Bmore3D Store: A 3D Printing & 3D Scanning Pop-up Store Opens in Baltimore - Amerisurv

Bmore3D Store: A 3D Printing & 3D Scanning Pop-up Store Opens in Baltimore - Amerisurv | COOL 3DPRINTING |

Custom 3D Stuff, Tinkerine Studio Ltd., ShapeShot and Direct Dimensions are collaborating to create the first retail store in the mid-Atlantic region focused on 3D scanning and 3D printing. The Bmore3D Store is located at 2150 Boston Street in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. It opens in time for the holiday shopping season on Friday, November 29 and will remain open thru December.

Customers can shop a curated gallery of the most unique gifts in Baltimore, designed by Baltimore 3D artists. Items include earrings, rings, necklaces, vases, and an assortment of unique Baltimore-themed pieces. All items are designed using 3D modeling software and fabricated by an assortment of 3D printers. The Ditto+ and Litto 3D printers from Tinkerine Studio will be on display in the store demonstrating 3D printing.

The store also features ShapeShot, the world’s first fully automated 3D photo booth, featured in Time Magazine. After being captured in 3D, customers can order their 3D-printed busts, jewelry, bobbleheads and even ceramic coffee mugs customized with a scale model of their face. Bring your family, your babies, and even your pets! ShapeShot lets you be the face of 3D printing

ShapeShot was developed by Direct Dimensions, the Baltimore-based engineering services firm also in the store providing 3D scanning of objects and unique full-body 3D scanning for amazing 3D printed miniature figurines. In November, Direct Dimensions was showcased by The Smithsonian for its contributions to the groundbreaking SI x 3D project which brings museum artifacts online in 3D to the world.

The Bmore3D Store will also feature various educational and entertainment opportunities for visitors with technology discussions and demonstrations by regional 3D professionals. These events will highlight methods of 3D design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing and other aspects of digital fabrication - fast becoming the new way for making things.

Everyone at all levels will find these sessions helpful, particularly professionals interested in implementing 3D tools in their workplace.

A schedule of activities will be posted on Bmore3D’s website featuring renowned 3D industry professionals, local artists, designers, and engineers. Check back often for upcoming activities and meet-ups.

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Sense, the new $399 3D scanner from 3D Systems

Sense, the new $399 3D scanner from 3D Systems | COOL 3DPRINTING |

The timeline of 3D printing is progressing in a very logical manner. When the first 3D printers became available they were quite expensive and not market proven.

It became clear that rapid prototyping is highly efficient and it wasn’t long before engineering firms picked up 3D scanners to work with the printers, but they were also expensive. RepRaps hit the market going on a decade ago, and now there’s a selection of affordable, consumer-grade 3D printers.

So it follows that affordable, easy to use 3D scanners would soon come trickling in. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

There are five 3D scanners in the $200-$2000 range either

in development or already available.

These aren’t engineering-grade scanners that can accurately reproduce mechanical systems, but they’re still powerful enough for many fun and practical solutions.

There are two main types of 3D scanners: turntable desktop units for small objects and handheld units for large objects and scenes. The turntables are easier to use and are great for replacing chess pieces and duplicating figurines. Handheld units require a bit more user involvement but are far more versatile, allowing for the scanning of faces, full bodies, large rooms, as well as small objects.

The Sense from 3D Systems falls into the latter category.

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Sense 3D Scanner

Capture your world in 3D and discover the power of physical photography with the Sense 3D scanner. Savor every dimension of your favorite memories:

Graduation day. Wedding day. Bringing home baby. Holidays. Trips around the world.

All with your Sense, all in 3D.

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World's First 3D Scanner for iPad Triples Kickstarter Goal in One Day

World's First 3D Scanner for iPad Triples Kickstarter Goal in One Day | COOL 3DPRINTING |

World's First 3D Scanner for iPad Triples Kickstarter Goal in One Day

In the wake of the past year’s massive 3D printing boom, 3D scanners are, invariably, the next big prosumer gadget. The scanners are pretty much what they sound like: they allow one to capture the dimensions of an object so as to print out a precise replica on your 3D printer. MakerBot is set to release their Digitizer scanner later this month, and Matterform is just beginning to roll out their affordable scanners.

But these scanners are tethered to a desk—not great for capturing items while traveling or objects that are fixed in awkward location.

The most affordable handheld scanner to date is the Fuel3D(also the result of a very well-funded Kickstarter campaign), which was dubbed as the first full-color handheld 3D scanner for under $1000.

Occipital’s Structure Sensor is even cheaper. Admittedly, one does have to first purchase (or own) an iPad, but after that the entire kit comes for $349—and you can knock $20 off that price as an early bird adopter on Kickstarter. It consists of a small aluminum dual infrared LED unit that clips to the back of your iPad and connects through the lightning port.

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Artec Eva 3D Scanner - $11000

Artec Eva 3D Scanner - $11000 | COOL 3DPRINTING |

Amazing "3D" Scanner that intakes the imprint of an object and creates an exact 3D digital version.  Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.

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3D Scanning and 3D Printing in the World of Forensics |

3D Scanning and 3D Printing in the World of Forensics | | COOL 3DPRINTING |

here are many popular applications for 3D scanning and 3D printing such as product design, ergonomics, form, fit and function, dental, medical implants and much more.  EMS has used their 3D Printers and 3D Scanners in all of these applications for over 12 years. 

With thousands of projects under our belt we thought we have seen and done everything imaginable.

That was until a few years ago we were contacted by a forensic engineering company wanting us to 3D scan a vehicle involved in a fatal accident.  Not only did this company want us to 3D scan the vehicle they wanted us to 3D Print a scaled model to be used in the legal proceedings.  Knowing this could be done we accepted the challenge and completed the project. 

The results were incredible.  Using our high resolution Surphaser 3D Scanner we were able to pick up very good detail of the vehicle in its current damaged condition.  After we 3D Scanned the vehicle we then used a few different software products like Design X (Formally RapidForm XOR) and SenAble Technologies FreeForm modeling.  Because the scan data in polygon format was not “watertight” after the 3D scanning, we needed to fill in many areas to facilitate the 3D printing process.  3D Printers require the model to be water tight so they can completely print the model as a solid object.  Water tight basically means there are no holes in the model.

During the 3D scanning process it’s impossible to 3D scan everywhere for a few reasons.  For example we couldn’t get underneath the car completly nor much of the interior because of the condition of vehicle.  Using the above mentioned software products we filled these areas in to make a solid model that was ready for 3D Printing.

The resulting 3D Printed model was a very close replica to the actual vehicle and it proved very valuable in the legal proceeds.  This model allowed the attorneys to show how certain parts on the vehicle had malfunctioned causing the accident. 

The scaled model was passed around to the jurors who could touch and feel an actual object in addition to pictures, animations and other evidence.  Not only was a model of the car 3D printed, certain other mechanical parts where also 3D scanned and 3D printed and shown to the jurors.  This allowed the attorneys to show the jurors a very in-depth and hands-on explanation to what happened in the accident.

The 3D scanned and 3D printed models where so helpful in this case that EMS was soon contacted by other attorney’s and forensic engineers wanting to know more and to work with EMS. 

Since this first case we have 3D scanned and 3D Printed helicopters, planes, boats, buses, accident scenes, trucks, mechanical objects and more.

We have also 3D Scanned and analyzed products involved in patent litigation.  Specifically looking at the a design and shape of a product as its compares to a patented product. 

Using inspection and analysis software we can determine how close two 3D scanned objects are in their volume, shape and overall design.

Hemanshi Nimavat's curator insight, March 19, 2015 10:42 PM

In five years, all i am sure of is that i want to be the best lab investigator who can investigate all the problems that has occurred the accident.... plus get all the evidence that has occurred the accident

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3D Scanning Comes to iPad - Via KickStarter

3D Scanning Comes to iPad - Via KickStarter | COOL 3DPRINTING |

So the 3D scanning scene is blowing up! With high range 3D scanners hitting the market like the MakerBot Digitizer which costs upwards of £1,100 per set, or there’s hundred’s of hacks online for the £99 Xbox Kinect sensor, 3D scanning and printing is coming to a home near you!

I dont think i can do it justice by explaining how it works so here’s the KickStarter page which has an epic video displaying it’s features and usability.  

To get hold of one you’ll have to pledge $350 as all of the early bird offers are not GONE!

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Dimbody desktop scanner. Indiegogo teaser.

We previously covered Alessandro Grossi’s DIY 3d scanner. Now this project is becoming a start-up known as the DIMBODY. He describes, “DIMBODY is a 3d scanner, a digitalizer that allows you to take a physical object, and turn it into a digital 3D model on your computer.

DIMBODY is based of triangulation between laser plane and a CMOS monochromatic sensor, it acquires point coordinates of an object (point cloud).

The point cloud is then transformed in a 3d surface by the software and saved as a STL file.

Then you can print it in your 3d printer, or scale, transform, modify it in a CAD software.”

Via the contact form.

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How to more effectively scan with the 3Shape TRIOS® 3D scanner [VIDEO] | Dental Products Report

Watch this video and get great tips & tricks to make your scanning with TRIOS® faster, easier and more fun.

The video covers preparation steps, scanning essentials, where to keep focus, which important areas to inspect, fast and accurate bite scan strategy, and specific tips for areas that may seem tricky to scan

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Scottish Ten Project - 3D Scanning of the Opera House

The Scottish Ten captured the Opera House during April using cutting-edge laser-mapping technology.

The innovative, interactive rendering will be delivered in time for the Opera House's 40th anniversary celebrations in October.

Go behind the scenes with the innovative team as they explain how they document heritage sites and why they have decided to capture the Sydney Opera House for future generations.

Arianna Lacchini's comment, September 24, 2013 11:48 PM
This video is able to show us the technology and the structure of the Sydney Opera House which gives us a special insight into this building.
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Introducing the Go!SCAN Portable 3D White Light Scanner. Easy. Fast. Reliable.

Web Site:

Creaform presents Go!SCAN 3D, a simple, portable and affordable 3D scanner allowing people from various backgrounds to effortlessly capture the 3D shape of any object, including complex, freeform and organic shapes.:

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